Welcome to the CABI podcast, a series dedicated to agricultural science and how it can improve lives and address the challenges faced by people around the world.  We interview the experts whose work today can impact how we live tomorrow.

S3 Ep1: International Women’s Day – Breaking the bias for female farmers

Women farmers make up around 43% of the agricultural labour force and produce over half of all food grown worldwide. Yet, when you picture a farmer, are they a woman? To mark International Women’s Day we spoke to a panel of experts on the role biases and misconceptions play in preventing women farmers’ access to agricultural advisory services in different regions and cultural contexts around the world.

S2 Ep3: Women in Science – Chapwa Kasoma

Chapwa Kasoma witnessed first-hand the devastation caused by fall armyworm, newly arrived in Africa while researching for her doctorate degree. Now, as a postdoctoral research fellow in invasive species management for CABI, Chapwa spoke to us about her research on the unwelcome pest, and her quest to convince farmers in Zambia on the merits of integrated pest management over chemical pesticides.

S2 Ep2: Women in Science – Hariet Hinz

Science has always been a never-ending puzzle for Hariet Hinz – who likes finding small pieces that fit the greater picture.

In this podcast, Hariet, CABI’s Global Director for Invasive Species, discusses her role in more detail and emphasises that hard work, persistence and not being afraid to ask questions are key for those who aspire to work in science.

This International Day of Women and Girls in Science podcast was put together to highlight the invaluable contribution female scientists have made to the field of agricultural science.

S2 Ep1: Women in Science – Malvika Chaudhary

Growing up in an area surrounded by thick forest, Malvika Chaudhary has always been close to nature.

As CABI’s regional coordinator for Plantwise in Asia, Malvika has converted her passion for nature into a career in agricultural science. We spoke with Malvika about how her love of science developed and what her current work with CABI entails. 

This International Day of Women and Girls in Science podcast was put together to highlight the invaluable contribution female scientists have made to the field of agricultural science.

S1 Ep4: Invasive Species – Toadflaxes

Toadflaxes are typically found on roadsides, grasslands and in crop fields. Whilst these weeds may look pretty and provide decorative appeal, they soon escape cultivation and can cause some serious problems.  

CABI experts Dr Hariet Hinz and Dr Ivo Tosevski discuss the biocontrol options they are researching to control this noxious weed and in particular, how the use of snout beetles can considerably reduce the vigour of these invasive plants.  

S1 Ep3: Invasive Species – Himalayan Balsam

With its bright pink flowers and fairly common appearance, Himalayan balsam is frequently found along waterways or damp areas. It is also highly invasive, causing a variety of negative effects.

CABI scientists, Dr Sonal Varia and Kate Pollard, explain why this invasive plant is so prolific, and how biocontrol methods currently being researched in CABI’s Egham laboratory can make a difference when deployed to the field.

S1 Ep2: Invasive Species – Fall armyworm

Fall armyworm has caused major damage by feeding on a vast range of plants across Africa, Asia and in to Australia.

CABI scientists Dr Roger Day and Dr Ivan Rwomushana discuss why it so successful, its impact on smallholder farmers and some of the biocontrol methods currently being researched at CABI centres.

S1 Ep1: Invasive Species – Desert locusts

Locusts and grasshoppers decimate crops in many parts of Africa and Asia, with locusts responsible for invading in swarms of millions – leaving behind ravaged fields and putting livelihoods and food security at severe risk.

CABI scientists Dr Belinda Luke and Dr Ivan Rwomushana discuss why this species is so harmful and how CABI is working to control desert locusts in a safe and sustainable way.

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