Truly international expertise on tomato production

Rows of Tomatoes in a Greenhouse
By Rachael Russell Ep Heuvelink’s Tomatoes is part of CABI’s Crop Production Science in Horticulture series. First published in 2005, it became an essential resource for growers, extension workers, industry personnel, and horticulture students and lecturers. Since then, our knowledge on tomato has greatly increased; tens of thousands of scientific papers have been published and…
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If you can’t stand the heat…

We have often encountered the first law of thermodynamics in this blog, or at least as it applies to obesity. This week the Second Law – the law that governs entropy and the movement of heat -has taken centre stage for a change. CABI’s own Peter Baker has dealt with the subject eloquently this week…
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You say tomato, I say cardioprotective antiplatelet factor

Studies directly on platelets show that tomato juice and kiwi fruit juice are both potent at preventing platelet aggregation.
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