‘Branching out’ for more sustainable ways to protect global biodiversity with the world’s trees

Trees and forests play a significant role not only in the future of the human race but in the earth itself and in ways you might not even imagine.
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Is chocolate under threat?

Otherwise known as ‘the food of the gods’ Theobroma Cacao is cocoa - the key ingredient from which chocolate is produced. The various species of cocoa such as Criollo and Forastero mainly originate from the Amazon jungle and are planted and produced in Colombia, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Indonesia, Ghana, Ecuador and Nigeria
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CABI scientist defends PhD thesis on risks of pest and disease movement via plant and seed exchanges

CABI scientist Dr Iva Franić has successfully defended her PhD thesis looking at the risks of pest and disease movement via plant and seed exchanges. Dr Franić, co-supervised by Dr René Eschen, Research Scientist, Ecosystems Management, and Risk Analysis and Invasion Ecology at CABI, obtained her PhD degree from the University of Bern in Switzerland,…
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Raising awareness on Parthenium at Pakistan Horti Expo 2020

As part of the ‘Establishment of Model Farms’ project initiated by the Government of Punjab’s Agricultural Department, a two-day Pakistan Horti Expo held at the Expo Centre, Lahore, from 22-23 January 2020. The event urged key ‘players’ in agricultural value chains including smallholder farmers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and exporters to help boost the country’s fruit and vegetable exports.
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Turning up the heat on a humble bug to help relieve allergy sufferers from dreaded ragweed

Woman sneezing due to ragweed
Ongoing research to find a biological control to help millions of allergy sufferers blighted by common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) is gaining momentum with the heat being turned up on the prospect of a humble bug – the leaf beetle (Ophraella communa) – presenting itself as a successful foe to reduce harmful ragweed pollen.
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CABI Blog Most Read 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we have crunched the numbers and compiled the top 20 most read articles on the CABI Blog this year. Plus a few firm favourites. Articles by CABI Books authors proved popular this year, covering a wide range of topics from religious tourism, to science communications, and the visual system…
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If you love your wine, watch out for the spotted lanternfly!

By Dr Tim Haye, Head of Arthropod Biological Control, CABI In the past two decades, Europe and North America have unintentionally shared many invasive insect pests originating from Asia, including the spotted wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), the box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis) and Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica). As if…
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New impact brief reveals cost benefit of fighting Fall armyworm in Ghana

Fall armyworm farmer
A new CABI Study Brief published on CABI.org has revealed that implementing coordinated control measures to fight Fall armyworm in Ghana can reduce the economic cost of crop losses by USD $15 million a year. The research, entitled ‘Have actions taken to control Fall armyworm reduced the economic cost experienced in Ghana?’, based itself on…
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Halloween blog special

Jack o lantern
Did you know that in many countries around the world pumpkins are a beloved staple food – not just in the Autumn/Fall and during Halloween but all year round? Yet, this humble cultivar of a squash plant, like any other food, is susceptible to a range of pesky pests – from the Pumpkin Beetle to…
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When Kilimanjaro becomes ‘unscenic’: The Tuta absoluta menace

Mount Kilimanjaro
Since its invasion to the area in 2014, the tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta, has wreaked havoc to tomato production in the areas and is responsible for causing between 50-80% yield loss.
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