CABI shared its expertise in digital data and development at the 4th International Conference on Agriculture, Food Security, and Food Safety – AgroFood 2023 – with emphasis on data which adheres to FAIR principles in agricultural projects.

The conference, hosted online by iConferences, aimed to foster collaborative efforts and innovative research to revamp the global food system, focusing on sustainability.

CABI’s insights shed light on the power of data sharing and management in the agricultural sector and highlighted the significance of adopting FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles to promote data-driven decision-making.

The Power of Data in Agriculture

In an era where data plays a pivotal role in shaping industries and economies, its potential in transforming agriculture is no exception. Akanksha Nagpal, Project Coordinator, South Asia, and Arun Jadhav, Manager – Digital Development, gave a presentation at AgroFood 2023 which emphasized the crucial role of data in agricultural decision-making processes.

By harnessing the vast amount of data available in the sector, stakeholders can drive positive change, improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. However, the key lies in effective data sharing and management.

The FAIR Principles: Unlocking the Potential of Data Sharing

The core of CABI’s presentation at AgroFood 2023 was the adoption of FAIR principles to enhance data sharing in agriculture. By making data FAIR, stakeholders can collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions. CABI’s commitment to incorporating these principles into their funded projects underscores their dedication to improving data-driven solutions for the agricultural community.

To operationalize the FAIR data principles, CABI employs a range of techniques, such as desk research, stakeholder interviews, ecosystem mapping, human-centred design, and systems thinking. These best practices for data management ensure that agricultural data reaches its maximum potential, leading to valuable insights and breakthroughs.

Addressing Data Sharing Constraints

While data sharing presents immense opportunities, several constraints must be addressed to fully leverage its potential. CABI’s presentation highlighted policy limitations, data management plans, resourcing challenges, and a lack of incentives for data management within the research community. Overcoming these obstacles is crucial for promoting effective data sharing and decision-making in the agricultural sector.

A Comprehensive Data-Sharing Ecosystem

CABI’s insights at AgroFood 2023 emphasized the need for a comprehensive data-sharing ecosystem. Such an ecosystem encompasses data-sharing component visualization, infrastructure, policy environment, expertise, funding, and coordination. By nurturing a well-developed data-sharing ecosystem, collaboration and sustainable agricultural practices can be achieved more effectively.


CABI showcased the immense potential of data-driven decision-making in agriculture. By advocating for the adoption of FAIR principles and establishing a robust data-sharing ecosystem, CABI paves the way for positive change and long-term sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Mr Jadhav said, “By fostering a culture of effective data sharing and management, stakeholders can collectively work towards a more sustainable, productive, and efficient agricultural landscape.

“As we move forward, it is essential for all players in the agricultural sector to embrace data-driven strategies and collaborate in building a future where data becomes the driving force behind positive change and progress. CABI’s work urges us all to harness the power of data to create a brighter future for global agriculture.”

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Main image: CABI’s presentation at AgroFood 2023 emphasized the crucial role of data in agricultural decision-making processes (Credit: Pixabay).

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