The CABI project ‘Strengthening the potato value chain in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq’ has been featured on Duhok TV.

Dr Stefan Toepfer, Research Scientist Arthropod Biological Control; Integrated Crop Management Advisor at CABI, was interviewed by the station – which covers the capital city of Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region in Iraq – about the project.

Dr Toepfer explained CABI’s role in the public-private partnership to unlock potato sector potential in the region which will ultimately benefit 8,000 smallholder farmers with improved livelihoods.

The five-year project will also create over 10,000 jobs including employment for refugees and internally displaced people.

Funded by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency on behalf of The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the project will establish a potato cold storage and processing factory in Duhok province – which will employ 160 workers and be capable of producing 6,000 tonnes of French fries each year.

Potato cultivation and post-harvest activities are important sources of employment and income in rural areas of the Kurdistan region of Iraq (Credit: CABI).

CABI, together with partners the Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources in Kurdistan Region, the University of Duhok, and private sector organisations HZPC and Kurdistan Holland (KH), will help enhance potato cultivation and post-harvest activities. This will be achieved through a programme of infrastructure investment and capacity building along the potato value chain.

This includes CABI working with partners to strengthen crop pest diagnostic capabilities – through improved laboratory facilities, in the field and by promoting good agricultural practices and the use of Integrated Pest Management – with a focus on the use of biological control where possible.

The project is also seeing CABI and partners delivering high-quality extension campaigns to inform smallholder farmers of best practice in potato production.

Dr Toepfer’s interview came during a training of trainers session aimed at increasing awareness and best practices of potato production, increased access to high-quality inputs, adoption of new production methods by farmers and increase production and productivity.

Additional information

Dr Toepfer is interviewed 6 minutes and 28 seconds into the programme which has been posted on YouTube.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Kurdistan Holland


Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources in Kurdistan Region

University of Duhok

Project page

Find out more about CABI’s ‘Strengthening the potato value chain in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq’ from the project page here.

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