Global Milk Production Increasing at Fast Pace

By Miroslav Djuric, Editor (Dairy Science Abstracts)

Global milk production in 2012 is forecast to reach 760 million tonnes, according to a new report published in the Food Outlook by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). This would represent an annual increase of 3%, largely due to the increased production in Asia, Oceania and South America.

DairybIn Asia, milk production is expected to record strong growth in India, China, Pakistan and Turkey, mainly in response to growing domestic demand for dairy products. In India, the world’s largest milk producing country, milk production in 2012 is forecast to rise by 5 million tonnes to 132 million tonnes compared with the previous year. Herd size expansion, rather than rising productivity, is the principal reason behind the rise in India’s milk production, where more than 55% of the total milk production comes from buffaloes.

In Oceania, an increase in herd size in New Zealand combined with favourable weather conditions and prolonged period of high prices for dairy products is expected to result in a staggering growth rate of 9% compared with the previous year. A growth rate of 4% is expected in Australia.

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Global Meat Production Continues to Rise – Pork and Poultry Meat Are the Most Popular

Pork is still the most popular meat globally, followed closely by poultry meat. Global production of pork in 2011 was 109 million tons, accounting for 37% of the total meat, while poultry meat production reached 101 million tons, according to a recent report from the Worldwatch Institute

These data represent a 0.8% annual decrease in pork production and a 3% annual increase in poultry meat production. If this trend continues poultry meat is likely to become the most-produced meat in the next few years.


Production of both beef and sheep meat stagnated at 67 million and 13 million tons, respectively.

Total meat production rose to 297 million tons in 2011 (0.8% annual increase) and is projected to reach 302 million tons by the end of 2012 (1.6% annual increase).

Concentrated animal feeding operations, also known as factory farms, account for 72% of poultry production, 55% of pork production and 43% of egg production worldwide.

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