Potato growers reap the benefits of increased productivity and profits

Meet Ali Azhar and his family. Mr Azhar is a young potato grower who lives in Punjab, Pakistan. Over 95% of the country’s potato production originates from this province. Third generation potato producer Mr Azhar has followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and is a third-generation potato producer on the family’s farm in the village Thatha…
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Cancer, burnt toast and roast potatoes

  I should think the entire western world is now afraid to eat their roast potatoes.  This comes after the international media coverage  of the UK Food Standards Agency’s new campaign “"Go for Gold” , [@CABI_Health 23rd Jan ], which hopes to encourage us (UK) to reduce acrylamide in our diet by cooking starchy foods…
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Hot Potatoes

With advancing climate change have potatoes had their chips?Looking back over the International Year of the Potato, Marco Bindi (University of Florence) answers the question "What effect will global warming have on the potato?" "Since potato's tuberization rate declines above a temperature of 17°C, increasing temperatures may lead to reduced yields in potato varieties now…
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