National Parks Week UK

Keswick, Lake District National Park. Image from Pixabay

National Parks Week is an annual festival championing what is special about national parks in the UK. This year’s festival takes place Sunday 22 to Sunday 29 July and aims to publicise how people can get outside and discover national parks in the UK, with many special events organized to showcase places and activities within these areas. Continue reading

Stepping out in the countryside – how much is it worth?


Staff at the CABI HQ in Wallingford this week are making an extra effort to get up from their desks to walk around the building, and the surrounding paths and lanes may be seeing more groups of people than usual out for lunchtime walks. This is all down to a ‘wellness’ campaign in which pedometers have been made available to staff in exchange for a small charity donation, with those obtaining them recording their steps during the working week to meet a group target of one million steps. Also occurring this September is a national fundraising ‘Stepember’ campaign for the disability charity Scope, where participants are challenged to clock up 10,000 steps a day. Here at CABI we are fortunate to be in an area where lunchtime walks can take in fields, woods, and even the banks of the River Thames, making outdoor exercise a much more appealing idea than walking around an urban block. Thus it was timely today to read a story carried on various news outlets about the value of natural environments for health, when the benefits of exercise carried out in parks, woods and other open areas are converted to monetary value. The study by the University of Exeter and Public Health England, published ahead of print on the Preventive Health journal website, estimates that so-called ‘green exercise’ provides health benefits worth £2.2 billion a year to adults in England. 

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