Giving fungi a place at the table

A Darwin Initiative project, which began in June 2023, is concerned with the real, big and challenging impact of fungal diversity loss on the livelihoods of millions of rural women in Sub-Saharan Africa. CABI is one of a number of partners including the Matobo Conservation Society (Zimbabwe), and the Permaculture Association (UK), who are engaging…
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CABI joins partnership investigating native fungi to help protect British cereal crops from pests and diseases

CABI has joined forces with FA Bio and Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) as part of a two-year feasibility study investigating the power of native fungi to provide protection against pests and diseases blighting British cereal crops.
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Secrets of ‘military mould’ unearthed after being hidden for over 75 years

Just a day before the plan for the invasion of France – known famously as ‘Operation Overlord’ – was confirmed on 8 February 1944, the now defunct Ministry of Supply (MoS) convened a conference on the prevention of mould growth of which CABI was privy to its information deemed ‘secret.’
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Changing attitudes to wood

Wood has many different uses, including shelter, fuel and paper to write on, as well as having a key role in maintaining a healthy planet.  More recently however, the development of engineered wood for use in the construction of tall buildings has led to a new generation of ‘ply-scrapers’.  So is our attitude to wood…
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Mushrooms, delicious or deadly?

Yunnan sudden death syndrome occurs in remote mountainous villages of the Yunnan province of China in the rainy season, at an altitude of 1800-2400 m: people just drop dead from heart failure. You might think its linked to the season…some waterborne or insect-carried disease, or maybe the altitude & a genetic quirk, but it turns…
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