Kerala flooding: Agricultural impacts and environmental degradation

Flooded streets and shops in Kerala, August 2018 (© Praveenp, Wikimedia Commons)

Last month, the south Indian state of Kerala experienced record level rainfall. A huge 310mm of rainfall in just 24 hours, resulted in devastating flooding, causing significant damage to infrastructure, agricultural systems and human life. With over 480 people confirmed to have been killed due to the flooding, experts are now identifying the causes of this incident, including dramatic human development, environmental degradation and a lack of sustainable development in the region.

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Water water everywhere…but is climate change to blame?


It is perhaps not surprising that the latest statistics from the Met Office in the UK show that this winter has been one of the most exceptional periods of rainfall in England and Wales in at least 248 years, thanks to a sequence of low pressure weather systems making their way across the Atlantic.  As storms and flooding continue to cause misery in many parts of the UK, the Met Office and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) have released a report that examines at the nature of the flooding and whether climate change has contributed to the severity of the weather and its subsequent impact.

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