As we start the new year, we’ve crunched the numbers1 and compiled the top 10 most read preprints on CABI agriRxiv in 2020.

agriRxiv (pronounced ‘agri-archive’) is a free, open access source of unpublished preprints across the agricultural sciences, hosted by CABI. Preprints are drafts of research articles that authors share before submitting their final version to a journal for formal peer-review.

Posting a preprint on agriRxiv is a helpful way to get feedback about a paper before the final submission to a journal. And if you need help getting your paper ready for submission, remember to check out the CABI Author Services, which help authors with editing, translating and sharing academic papers.

CABI agriRxiv authors posted a bumper crop of preprints in 2020, with those on soil proving popular, as well as those on land-focused subjects such as landscape composition, land-based investing and land systems.

Did your favourite preprint make the top 10? Keep reading to find out …

Number 3

Resource frontiers and agglomeration economies: the varied logics of land-based investing in Southern and Eastern Africa

By Abeygunawardane, D., García, A. K., Sun ZhanLi, Müller, D., Sitoe, A., Meyfroidt, P.

Number 6

The origin, supply chain, and deforestation footprint of Brazil’s beef exports

By Ermgassen, E. K. H. J. zu, Godar, J., Lathuillière, M. J., Löfgren, P., Gardner, T., Vasconcelos, A., Meyfroidt, P.

Number 9

First report of the invasive golden apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata in Kenya

By Buddie, A. G., Rwomushana, I., Offord, L. C., Kibet, S., Makale, F., Djeddour, D., Cafa, G., Vincent, K. K., Muvea, A. M., Chacha, D., Day, R. K.

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