In a previous blog, Mystery
disease outbreak in Ethiopia solved
, I mentioned in passing Nodding Syndrome (NS), a neglected
condition that is epidemiologically associated with onchocerciasis and affects children
5-15 years old. 

The syndrome causes epileptic seizures where the afflicted
suffer from involuntary head nodding, usually triggered by food or cold. They end
up severely disabled and, without treatment, finally die.   It is
devastating communities in northern Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Cameroon.

As I reported at the time: “The USA’s Centre for Disease
Control is working to identify the cause: so far, the best guess is that it’s
linked to the parasite that causes river blindness combined with an autoimmune
reaction, and exposure to chemicals could predispose.”

I now hear that an international workshop was held on this
subject in Uganda, First
International Scientific Meeting on Nodding Syndrome (NS)
, with
the key objective to set a standardized case definition for suspect
and probable cases of NS.

I also hear that the journal African Health Sciences is to
devote an entire issue to the syndrome and is currently looking for authors to
contribute papers on NS/epilepsy. (Very necessary since there are literally just
a handful of research papers on the subject so far).

You can submit papers online to the journal at:
queries can be sent to: James K Tumwine, Editor in Chief African Health
Sciences: Email:;;

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Uganda: Nodding Syndrome
Symptoms Controlled, Hunt for Cure Continues

Investigation into
the Nodding syndrome in Witto Payam, Western Equatoria State, 2010.
Sudan] This url takes you to our Global
Health database

CDC Responds to Nodding
Disease in Uganda
  Youtube video

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