“Insect wasps are my army in the fight to protect my pawpaw”

Meet Alfred Bolo, a pawpaw farmer Alfred is a father of two children, an agricultural officer by profession and a practising farmer in Kwale County, Kenya. He grows over 400 pawpaw (papaya) trees on his farm. Every week, Alfred harvests up to 400 kgs of papaw fruit, earning him an income of approximately Ksh. 22,000…
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Horticulture programme in Pakistan helps increase farmer incomes by almost 20%

Insect pests cause millions of dollars of crop losses in countries throughout the world every year. Pakistan is no exception. Pests like apple codling moth, apple spider mites, papaya mealybug, giant mealybug and fruit flies can harm crops causing substantial losses to crop yields and farmer incomes. On a broader level, these losses also negatively…
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