Digital climate advisory services – an investment case for equity

The need for climate adaptation Smallholder farmers are facing increasing impacts from droughts, floods, heatwaves and wildfires, as well as crop pests and diseases, being driven by climate change. And these issues are only projected to get worse as our world warms over the coming years. Smallholders are the backbone of our global food supply.…
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Finding a balance between equality and safety in blood donation: the 12 month ban for MSM donors

World Blood Donor Day 2016 uses the theme “Blood connects us all” to motivate new blood donors to come forward and encourage regulars to continue to give blood. Donors must meet certain rules in order to provide safe blood. Gay and bisexual men (LGBTQ) used to face a lifetime ban, but now can donate blood if they have not had sex with another man for at least 12 months. Now, the 12 month rule is under fire in the wake of the Orlando shooting. Is this discrimination due to association with HIV/AIDS, or is the policy based on sound evidence?
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