International Day for Biological Diversity 2018

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This year the 22nd of May will be a celebration of the progress made since the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity 25 years ago. The International day for Biological Diversity was designed to overlap with the UNs post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and the date chose to commemorate the adoption of the Convention of Biodiversity in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit. Previous themes promoted over the years have included: biodiversity and sustainable tourism, water and biodiversity, invasive alien species and biodiversity and climate change.

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Biodiversity – The more the merrier!

May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity
. This year’s
theme is ‘Biodiversity in
‘. According to the Convention on
Biodiversity who are co-promoting the day’s festivities along with such
luminaries of food and nutrition as the FAO, modern food production is
responsible for both increasing and decreasing biodiversity. One of the things
the CBD is interested in is stabilising the balance, so we can benefit from
improved food (and fuel) production, whilst preserving species (the ‘genetic
treasures’) that could become the food ingredients and medicines of the future.

Agriculture is mostly concerned with efficient production of nutritious, safe
foodstuffs. To do this involves the promotion and prevention of growth of an
enormous number of different species, soil, plant and animal-based organisms of
various shapes and sizes – minimising the pests and pathogens while promoting
the useful and edible ones.

Biological diversity in food is a very diverse subject area indeed.

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