Expertise in biological control highlighted at workshop aimed at catalysing biopesticide use in Africa

CABI scientists have highlighted their expertise in biological control agents to sustainably fight crop pests and diseases at a workshop aimed at catalysing the development of the biopesticides industry and building regional harmonization to help ensure that farmers have access to biopesticides across Africa.
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CABI shares expertise on crop pest management in Africa with Royal Society of Biology

CABI’s Dr MaryLucy Oronje has shared her expertise in sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures pertaining to crop pest management in Africa as part of an event organised by the Royal Society of Biology. Dr Oronje, who is based at CABI’s regional centre for Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, was keynote speaker at the event which was…
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Africa’s youth unemployment challenge needs a revolution in order to sustain global development

It’s a startling statistic but by 2050 Africa’s population is expected to double to around 2.6 billion. This creates greater pressure to feed so many mouths amid the challenges of economic, political and societal instability let alone the impacts of climate change.
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New CABI-led study highlights institutional and policy bottlenecks to Integrated Pest Management in Africa

Local remedies for maize pests
A new publication led by CABI has highlighted institutional and policy bottlenecks to using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to fight a range of potentially devastating crop pests in Africa.
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Dr Monica Kansiime is committed to helping the mission for greater food security in Africa

As part of UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we turn the focus on CABI’s own female scientists to highlight the invaluable work they contribute towards our mission of helping smallholder farmers grow more and lose less to crop pests and diseases. Here we find out more about Dr Monica Kansiime –…
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CAB Reviews hits 1000 articles with fall armyworm paper

Allan Hruska of the Food and Agriculture Organization has examined published studies to see which management options are most likely to help smallholders tackle the devastating crop pest fall armyworm
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Capitalising on Africa’s agriculture to achieve ‘zero hunger’

CABI board member Professor Ruth Oniang'o talks about winning the 2017 Africa Food Prize and how CABI is working towards helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger.
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The recognition of Mycetoma: much needed attention finally given to long neglected tropical disease (NTD)

In May 2016 at the 69th World Health Assembly, mycetoma was added to the World Health Organization's list of neglected tropical diseases. I did not know that mycetoma is a destructive fungal (eumycetoma) or bacterial infection (actinomycetes) of the foot that results in disfigurement and social stigma, and is linked to poverty. I did not know there was a mycetoma belt with most cases reported from India, Mexico, Sudan, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Somalia and Yemen. If mycetoma was unfamiliar to me, how many other people had never heard of this disease?
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More from AHILA14: Information literacy, ICT and the problems in rural areas

Papers at the 4 day AHILA Congress, 2014, covered the theme “ICTs and access to information and knowledge”. Information seeking behaviours, access to and resources for health information were extensively reported and covered disparate groups ranging from academic researchers and students to mothers and students, teenage pregnant girls and older people (60 onwards). The problems of providing health information in rural areas, where some religious and cultural values can be a barrier to western medicine were the subject of a several studies and lengthy discussion. Highlights were presentations from community health workers and the organisation which trained them CUAMM.
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ICTs and access to health Information and knowledge: role of african health librarians

Day1, 14th AHILA congress. CABI prize [publishers: Global Health database] was awarded for a short report on health information activities in an AHILA member country. Keynote presentation highlighted the 30 year role of AHILA in ICTs and access to health information. The principal guest speakers - the representative for the Minister, for Health and Social Welfare and His Excellency the Vice-President of the United Republic of Tanzania - emphasised the importance of e-health resources in the education and practice of health care and the effects of health on poverty and the national economy.
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