On Earth Day, how does landscape composition and pesticide use affect pollinators?

On Earth Day, we take a look at landscape composition and pesticide use. Landscape composition is an important area of research in agricultural science. Understanding the relationship between cropland and its surrounding natural habitats, for example, can help to shed light on issues such as fostering natural, non-chemical pest control and reducing the use of…
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Mainstreaming the Moruga Hill Rice tradition to expand green value chains in Trinidad and Tobago

With Earth Day taking place on 22 April, CABI scientist, Naitram Ramnanan (IAS Coordinator and Regional Representative – Caribbean and Central America, CABI) takes a look at sustainable agriculture in Trinidad. With an ever growing global population, sustainable agriculture – or agroecology – has become an increasingly important area of study and work. Many landscapes…
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3 ways that preprints help researchers in agricultural and plant sciences

The use of preprints (pre-peer reviewed versions of scholarly papers) has accelerated in the last few years with many researchers now sharing their latest work with the scientific community before or in parallel to publication with a journal. After a slower start compared to other research fields, adoption of preprints in the plant sciences and…
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Sustainable cotton production ‘through the eyes’ of a Better Cotton farmer

Mr Javed is a resident of the village Jameel Dall, union council Mir Imam Bux Talpur, in the district of Mirpur Khas in Pakistan. He has, since 2012, been one of the active farmers of CABI’s project to help improve cotton production which is run under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
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CABI helps build capacity of government stakeholders in Pakistan to tackle aflatoxins with biological controls

Aflatoxins are powerful fungal toxins that contaminate many agricultural products, including cereal grains, chilies, dry fruits and nuts. They also well affect milk because some livestock feed contains aflatoxin. In Pakistan, aflatoxin concentrations in harvested grain frequently exceed the level permitted in countries where aflatoxin in food and feed is regulated. The Aflatoxin Control in…
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GM Crops: The West versus the Rest

Field of corn
Why is it that countries in the West, particularly those in the European Union, but also in the Nordic countries and pockets in the USA, are so anti-GM crops?
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Aflatoxin control in Pakistan – promising developments to reduce aflatoxin problem in maize crop

Aflatoxin Control in Pakistan is a game changer initiative for the country’s maize industry. Maize growers adopt cultural practices, such as the drying of maize cobs on concrete grounds and delaying the harvesting to reduce moisture on the standing crop.
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Top 10 most downloaded CAB eBooks of 2020

For many students, 2020 was their most challenging yet – if not in terms of subject matter, then almost certainly in terms access to study materials. With many students working remotely, away from the convenience of campus and the university library, eBooks became more important than ever before. During the global pandemic, we saw the…
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Need help with publishing your paper? CABI Author Services helps you edit, publish and share your research

Getting an academic paper published isn’t always easy and the hurdles that stand in your way aren’t always about the research. Perhaps you’re an early stage researcher preparing your paper for submission, but you’re unfamiliar with the steps that maximize the chances of it being published. Or maybe English isn’t your first language, but you’re…
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agriRxiv’s top 10 most read preprints of 2020

As we start the new year, we’ve crunched the numbers1 and compiled the top 10 most read preprints on CABI agriRxiv in 2020. agriRxiv (pronounced ‘agri-archive’) is a free, open access source of unpublished preprints across the agricultural sciences, hosted by CABI. Preprints are drafts of research articles that authors share before submitting their final…
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