For many students, 2020 was their most challenging yet – if not in terms of subject matter, then almost certainly in terms access to study materials. With many students working remotely, away from the convenience of campus and the university library, eBooks became more important than ever before.

During the global pandemic, we saw the many benefits of eBooks for remote study. Offering accessibility, interconnectivity and transportability, electronic copies of academic literature make keeping up on reading and research that much easier.

With a new year unfolding, we take a look at the top 10 most downloaded CAB eBooks of 2020. Did your favourite eBook make the top 10? Keep reading to find out …

Number 1

Small animal soft tissue surgery

By D. A. Yool

Number 3

Domestic animal behaviour and welfare

By D. M. Broom, A. F. Fraser

Number 6

Veterinary treatment of pigs

By G. R. Duncanson

Number 7

Redesigning animal agriculture: the challenge of the 21st Century

By D. L. Swain, E. Charmley, J. Steel, S. Coffey

Number 8

The physiology of vegetable crops

By H. C. Wien, H. Stützel

Number 9

Event management and sustainability

By R. Raj, J. Musgrave

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