The power of the image paints a picture that speaks a thousand words and that is certainly the case with these fantastic images taken by photographer Asim Hafeez.

Asim was commissioned by CABI to document the process of harvesting cotton in Pakistan – the country’s largest industrial sector – where more than 500,000 farmers rely on the crop for their livelihoods.

CABI is helping the country’s cotton industry reduce losses of around $350m a year by training thousands of farmers and workers about better production, transport and storage practices as part of the Better Cotton Initiative.

These photographs tell the story of how cotton farmers at five districts (Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, Umer Kot, Tando Allah Yar and Matiari, of Sindh, Pakistan are learning to grow more and lose less of what they sow, thereby maintaining their livelihoods through increased profitability.

Protecting the crop

AH_PK_CABI_MG_7709Farmer Assan Kolhi sprays pesticide to protect the crop from pests at the cotton field in the village of Khudabad Chandia in Mitiari, Sindh

Training to improve quality of cotton

AH_PK_CABI_MG_7631Trainer Kainat (left) interacts with Khatoo, a local female cotton picker, during a female training session

AH_PK_CABI_MG_5410Mangi and Lakshmi learn best practices for cotton picking during a training session in the village

Reaping what was sowed


A trainer observes cotton picking, while workers hold cotton, on a farm during a harvest in Khudabad Chandia village, UC Hala district

AH_PK_CABI_MG_5947Bharti picks cotton

AH_PK_CABI_MG_7351Bali picks cotton on during harvest at the Naimatullah Laghari farm in Sinjhoro, Sanghar, Sindh

AH_PK_CABI_MG_7433The harvest continues into sunset

Gathering and sorting the yield

AH_PK_CABI_MG_6122Lakshmi carries a bundle of seed cotton on her head collected during the harvest

AH_PK_CABI_MG_6090The husband of Lakshmi, Lakshmi and Mangi sort the cotton

AH_PK_CABI_MG_6001Bharti holds cotton after a successful harvest and yield – the key to sustainable livelihoods

Processing the seed cotton at the Jhoolay Lal Cotton Ginners & Oil Mills

AH_PK_CABI_MG_7056Employees push a trolley of cotton, while walk past the pile of Better Cotton harvested earlier

AH_PK_CABI_MG_6874Dilbar binds a 165-kilogram bale of processed cotton

AH_PK_CABI_MG_6952Sajan, moves the processed Better Cotton to storage

AH_PK_CABI_MG_6719On ‘cloud nine’: Abdul Jabbar lays on a pile of Better Cotton happy at the successful harvest.

Further information

Read more from the project page about ‘Producing Better Cotton in Pakistan’ as well as the news story ‘CABI helps Pakistan’s cotton industry to reduce losses of around $350m a year.’



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