Termite workshop photo special – exploring tree-damaging termites in the tropics

Termites workshop 2

CABI scientists have held a successful three-day workshop exploring how to diagnose and manage termites associated with structures and trees in the tropics.

The workshop, held at CABI’s South East Asia (SEA) office building at MARDI in Serdang, Malaysia, highlighted termites as ecologically important insects with significant roles to play as decomposers but also as pests that can cause major damage to trees and buildings.

This photo blog charts the three-day event officially opened by Dr Sivapragasam Annamalai, Regional Director of CABI SEA, and which included a welcome by CABI CEO Dr Trevor Nicholls.

Termites workshop 1

Dr Sivapragasam Annamalai opens the three-day workshop attended by 22 participants from 19 different public and private sector organisations

Termites workshop 3Inspecting a tree infested with termites

Termites workshop 4Selecting specimens for analysis

Termites workshop 5

Dr Ahmad Said Sajap shows building structure damage caused by termites

Termites workshop 6

Diagnosing and identifying termites in the classroom

Termites workshop 7

Checking records to help identification

Termites workshop 8

Mr Shahrem Md. Ramli from Ensystex Malaysia Sdn Bhd demonstrates termite control practically…

Termites workshop 9
….and in theory!

Further information

A news story ‘Workshop explores structure and tree-damaging termites in the tropics’ can be read on the CABI.org news pages here.

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