The world we live in today faces complex and interconnected challenges that individual organisations alone cannot easily resolve. When the scale of the challenge is global, organisations must find ways of strengthening their partnerships and coming together to find the best and most sustainable solutions.

This is why partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at CABI. We believe that real answers are found when individuals and organisations, countries and regions work together to solve problems and build sustainable futures.

In this video, CABI board member Paulus Verschuren explains how CABI is working to deliver on the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Paulus highlights the importance of the interconnection between agriculture, food, nutrition and health and stresses how CABI's work, including the Pest Risk Information Service, is helping farmers on the ground combat pests and therefore grow more and lose less.

He ends by seeing a future where working to shape partnerships for the goals is dependent on the successful sharing of information and knowledge – essential, he says, for farmers to 'grow more healthy foods' and that results in them being better off as as well as everyone else benefiting. 

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