At CABI we’re always trying to deliver useful, relevant and timely scientific research, as well as help you find that needle of information in the haystack of data. Today we’re releasing another resource which does that – and it’s free!

Today CABI announce the launch of a new online resource with information for all involved in plant health. The Plantwise Knowledge Bank is a central portal for global information on crop pests and diseases, bringing together international science and local material. It provides knowledge for all involved in plant health systems – from farmers on the ground, to researchers and academics, to governments and policy makers.

The Knowledge Bank was developed to support the global Plantwise programme, led by CABI, which aims to support farmers in developing nations by providing them with the crop information they need. Plantwise sets up in country ‘plant clinics’, where ‘plant doctors’ diagnose and recommend treatment for the problems afflicting the crops that are brought to them. The Knowledge Bank provides information support for these ‘plant doctors’ – during their training and their practice.

But it also does so much more. The Knowledge Bank means that, for the first time, extension workers, researchers and governments, and anyone interested in plant health, will have easy access to tools such as; interactive pest and disease distribution maps, crop, pest and disease factsheets and recent pest reports.

Access to clear, relevant and easy-to-use information is a problem the world over. Whilst in many countries in the global south individuals are information poor, there is equally a problem in the north with information overload.

The Knowledge Bank provides a solution on both fronts. For individuals in the global south the Knowledge Bank can give access to essential crop pest and disease information, information which can help them reduce crop losses (sometimes up to 40% of crops grown). For researchers in developed countries the knowledge bank’s easy to use tools, thousands of datasheets, and interactive distribution maps provide a ripe source of clear, scientific information.

Take a look at and let us know what you think.

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