A few
spaces are still available for the Brita Climate Ride
– the first bicycle tour to
raise money and awareness to fight climate change.

26-30 2009

300 Miles

New York City to Washington DC

This five-day 300-mile fully supported bicycle tour will feature
expert speakers every night and concludes with a rally on the steps of the U.S.
Capitol building. The ride is also sponsored by the COP15 United Nations
Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen,
and the Ambassador of Denmark will be joining in. According to the organisers, the 'Brita Climate Ride' is a unique
opportunity to meet with experts on renewable, climate activists, scientists,
recent college graduates, and everyday folks committed to making a difference.

The route includes Princeton,New
Jersey, the iconic Delaware River Valley,Valley
Forge National Park,
and Pennsylvania’s
Amish Country. Brita Climate Ride staff will transport riders' gear from
campground to campground via a biodiesel truck, and water breaks will be
provided by Brita.

The ride is a fundraising effort for Clean Air – Cool Planet,
Focus the Nation, and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. Each rider raises $2,400,
which will help these organisations engage the U.S. population and implement
carbon-saving practices.

The organisers give
five reasons for joining the Brita Climate Ride:

1- Be part of a grass-roots effort – join a fascinating group of renewable energy experts, climate activists, recent
college grads, and everyday folks.

2- Make a statement – carry your message 300 miles
to the steps of the Capitol, where you have a chance to personally meet your
representatives in Congress to encourage action.

3- It’s a climate conference on wheels – hear
informative talks each evening from expert speakers, and join the discussion on
climate science, green technology, and solutions to the climate crisis.

4- The time is now – we're at a climatic tipping
point, and with the important COP15 Conference coming up in December, this
year’s Brita Climate Ride is more important than ever.

5- It’s fun – unite with fellow climate riders for
an unforgettable, fully-supported adventure. Our experienced team takes care of
all the logistics, so you can network, make friends, and enjoy cycling through
some of the most beautiful scenery in America.

If you’re in the USA from September 26th to 30th and
can ride a bicycle, don't miss your chance to make a difference, meet other
professionals engaged in the climate movement, and have an unforgettable
bicycle experience.  Click here to sign

Watch a video about last year’s ride,
as well as a photo slide show.

Hmmm, as one of the editors of the CABI Environmental Impact database, I was just wondering if I should ask work to give me time off and sponsor me to participate! I would have to learn to ride a bicycle first though!

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