H1N1 influenza research- free papers!

It is cheering to see that a growing list of publishers including CABI is making influenza related research papers and databases freely available to help the global anti-influenza effort. I'm gathering those I hear about on CABI's free H1N1 'dashboard'. Below is what I have found so far. The list will be growing I'm sure…..

Free access papers (sometimes the link is to the publisher's announcement and you have to click on the link in there)

New England Journal of Medicine

American Journal of Epidemiology

Epidemiologic Reviews


Nature Reviews Microbiology

Journal of General Virology

Journal of Medical Microbiology

Vectorborne and Zoonotic Diseases

Wiley journals and Cochrane Reviews

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


American Society of Microbiology articles

Of course many journals are open access anyway.  Worth looking at as this outbreak develops are Emerging Infectious Diseases, and the weekly epidemiology bulletins: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Weekly Epidemiological Record, and Eurosurveillance.

Promed has pulled together the sequences of influenza viruses here.


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