The 14th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC and the 4th meeting of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol opened today in Poznan, Poland. The conference will draw almost 11000 participants, including government delegates from the 187 Parties to the UNFCCC and representatives from business and industry (See announcement video by the UNFCCC Executive Secretary on Climate Change or read on for more details).

The UNFCCC stated that the two-week meeting is the halfway mark in the negotiations on an
ambitious and effective international climate change deal to be wrapped
up in Copenhagen in 2009. Parties have little more than a year to agree
on strengthened action on mitigation, adaptation, finance and
technology. A compilation paper of proposals for solutions has been put
together, which will serve as a first version of a negotiating text in
Poznan. Because of the limited time still available, it is critical
that real progress is made and that Parties identify which proposals to
take forward in 2009.

It was added that the Poznan Climate Change Conference will provide the opportunity to
draw together the advances made in 2008 and move from discussion to
negotiation mode in 2009.

It was also added that at the meetings in Poznan, parties are
expected to:

  • Agree on a plan of action and programmes of work for the
    final year of negotiations after a year of comprehensive and extensive
    discussions on crucial issues relating to future commitments, actions
    and cooperation.
  • Make significant progress on a number of on-going
    issues required to enhance further the implementation of the Convention
    and the Kyoto Protocol, including capacity-building for developing
    countries, reducing emissions from deforestation (REDD), technology
    transfer and adaptation.
  • Advance understanding and commonality of
    views on "shared vision" for a new climate change regime.
  • Strengthen commitment to the process and the agreed timeline.

The Secretary ended his speech by saying that such an
outcome at Poznan would build momentum towards an agreed outcome at
Copenhagen in December 2009.

key dates:

1 December: Opening of the conference. Opening sessions of the AWG-LCA,

9 December: No meetings will be held – date of the Islamic festival Eid

10 December: Closing day of the 29th sessions of SBSTA and SBI, the 4th
session of the AWG-LCA and the resumed sixth session of the AWG-KP.

11-12 December: High-Level Segment of COP 14 and CMP 4.

To see further
details of the conference agenda, daily programmes and latest meeting
schedules, please go to the UNFCCC webpage:

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