CABI launches Environmental Impact internet resource

Ei_polar_bear_2A huge amount of information on the effects of humans on the biosphere is widely available on the internet and elsewhere – it’s hard to escape the constant deluge of information on climate change even when you’re not looking for it – but where can researchers go to separate the scientific fact from the hype? We’ve been busy at CABI producing a new internet resource designed to do just this.

Today CABI launched Environmental Impact, an authoritative internet resource focussing on climate change and other major impacts of humans on the environment.

Environmental Impact pools scientific information on the effects of climate change on the terrestrial and freshwater biosphere, including crop production, plant pests and diseases, human and animal health, natural resources and tourism. It also covers other aspects of human’s impact on the environment such as pollution, deforestation, desertification and habitat loss.

“We have created Environmental Impact in response to demand from the scientific community, policy makers and information specialists for a single comprehensive information resource on this challenging topic,” said Dr Halina Dawson, Content Manager for Environmental Sciences, CABI.

The resource also offers the latest information on adaptation and mitigation strategies such as production and utilization of biofuels and fuelwood, creation of ‘habitat corridors’, enhanced carbon sequestration, agroforestry and restoration ecology.

Key features include:

  • More than 1 million bibliographic records (derived from CAB Abstracts) dating from 1910
  • More than 5,400 full text articles, including key journal papers, conference proceedings and reviews
  • Instant access to more than 600 reports on climate change from 92 key organizations
  • Topical issues explored through news articles written by our in-house subject specialists
  • The entire CAB eBooks environmental science collection, currently over 48 titles from 2005 onwards, with more being added as they are published
  • More than 65 review articles commissioned from leading experts

Take a look at Environmental Impact today by going to – we hope you enjoy it!

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