GREENhouse appeal.


The Living Rainforest, near Newbury in the UK, has launched an appeal to find sponsors for the building of a state-of-the-art ‘Green Greenhouse’ building prototype.  The aim is to raise £900,000 matched funding to complete construction of the £3.5m building.

Unsustainable food/crop production and increasing energy costs mean that new methods of production must be found to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources, and cut down on pollution from fossil fuels. A zero-carbon glasshouse is planned and the existing greenhouses will be expanded, along with associated buildings. These will be integrated to improve energy management.

The glasshouse will be heated with solar energy harvested via panels in the glasshouse and stored underground in a Vertical Soil Heat Exchanger (VSHE).

The Living Rainforest has secured around 80% of the required funding, but require a further £600,000 by April of next year and is looking for green corporate partners to get involved.

"The partner will benefit from The Living Rainforest’s unique facilities for corporate events and have an opportunity to showcase their environmental R&D to 70,000+ schoolchildren and other visitors annually."

Follow this link to view nearly 100 abstracts (search terms: greenhouses and energy) from CABI made available via Google.

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