The British Mycological Society runs an excellent website called Fungi4Schools. Not a school lunches initiative as you might expect, it’s a resource for teachers who are looking for ways to introduce information about fungi in all their many forms to students of all ages.

A quick investigation of the UK National Curriculum, and I’ll admit I only had a quick search, found no mentions of fungi/fungus and only one of ‘microbes’ (at Key Stage 4, with respect to environmental energy and nutrient cycles). I’ve seen for myself that even students starting undergraduate biology courses at university often don’t have a clue about fungi. Given just how important fungi are to the environment, crop protection,
human health, biotechnology and more, it’s odd that more effort isn’t
made to tell students about them.

I don’t know whether it’s the same story in schools everywhere. Maybe you can have your say in the comments and let me know!

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