You may remember that we commented on an approach to enable blog entries covering peer reviewed research to be identified in some way (Highlighting the use of evidence).

Well, whilst we had some comments about the specifics of the approach being taken, we broadly supported the idea.

Now there is a competition to design an icon to identify blog entries that cover peer reviewed research. Details are HERE (closing date is September 10th 2007).


CABI is very proud to contribute to the prize fund. Why?

1) Because it’s a community driven idea and publishers should support their community.

2) The idea of the signpost, of the pointer, of the signifier, of the filter of scholarly information, is central to what we do.

3) Because to comment on peer reviewed research, you have to be able to find it. And it isn’t all to be found in Google or PubMed – in fact you might be surprised at what isn’t there…


Anyway. We are giving a personal access to CAB Direct for 1 year.


And we will wish all the contestants all the best, and look forward to seeing (and using on occasion) the winning entry.

There is plenty of discussion and commentary happening over at Bloggers For Peer Reviewed Research Reporting and we have some thoughts of our own as well – so we are going to do some more thinking and watching – because this is important.


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