plus grass equals dung; 7-9 million tonnes of it each year in the USA
alone! What if cows plus grass made flooring?, or shelving? or a table?

Michigan State University researchers,
working with the US Department of Agriculture, reckon that the
"digester solids" leftovers from anaerobic digestion of cattle manure
can be processed into fibreboard. Such digestion is becoming more
common as measure against manure-runoff contamination of waterways
following muck-spreading.

The material has the same properties as ordinary fibreboard, being
basically the same structure of compressed fibres glued together with
chemical resins. One would hope that squeamishness wouldn’t be a
barrier to its use either, given that there’s not a hint of manure
aroma! The fact that it’s recycled could make it more attractive than
wood-based alternatives.

It’s not the first time that fibrous manure has been put to use in such a way either. In Thailand, plants plus elephants equals paper. Elephant dung paper looks to be doing good trade as an environmentally conscientious business.


  1. The Egg Roll on 22nd March 2007 at 9:37 pm

    Could you do the same with human excrement?

  2. Tim Holmes on 23rd March 2007 at 9:07 am

    Hmmm, interesting question. I suppose theoretically it’s possible, but i can’t find any mention of someone doing it. It sounds from the original report that the researchers are worried about public squeamishness at a cow manure byproduct. I think selling boards made from human excreta would be an even bigger marketing challenge!

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