Can artificial intelligence really help solve global crop loss?

Farmer using AI on his tablet to diagnose crop loss problem
Up to 40% of the world’s crops are currently lost to pests. There is an urgent need for evidence to help prioritise research into minimising these losses, writes Gaby Oliver, Project Assistant on the Global Burden of Crop Loss project.
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What do tourists want and how can DMOs deliver? Q&A with author Alfonso Vargas-Sanchez

Unavoidably in the 21st century, fast and amazing tech developments represent the most powerful source of disruption in the whole economy, and tourism is not an exception. In this line, Artificial Intelligence is likely the most disruptive expression today in the most advanced travel and tourism environments. The greatest efforts are being made in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, voice recognition and chatbots. Artificial Intelligence is playing a key role in all of them.
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