Empowering marginalized communities: Success story of Mr Maula Dad, an apple grower from Balochistan


Balochistan province is famous for producing apples, contributing more than 80% to the total apple production in Pakistan, and therefore has a significant impact on the household income of farmers in the region. However, apples are also prone to infestation by a number of different pests, of which the apple codling moth (Cydia pomonella) is of major concern.

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Taking the power back

How apple growers are regaining control of the supply chain from retailers


Apples are one of the world’s most popular fruits. In 2013 world production reached almost 82 million tonnes and the export value broke US$8 billion (FAO STAT, 2017). The fruit comes in all shapes, sizes, flavours and colours; yet what we see in the supermarkets is a mere snapshot of the diversity that exists. The apple market is predominately controlled by retailers who demand strict uniformity in both colour and size of apples from growers, who are encouraged to produce commercial varieties on a large scale, which are then sold on to consumers at low cost.

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Talking up the humble apple

ApplespearsRobert1Photo: Robert Taylor

After moving house recently I gained a tree full of Bramley apples, a variety used for cooking. This autumn I stored some, ate quite a lot and gave away more. Now as January wears on I still have loads that won't keep much longer. Our apple consumption has increased. My colleagues' and friends' apple consumption has increased. Visitors beware. I can believe the stats that say apples are one of the most consumed fruits. But what about that old adage 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'? is it true…is apple consumption good for you?

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