Cookie Information

At CABI we are committed to protecting your privacy. This
statement discloses how CABI’s blogs use cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent by a website
to your web browser, where it becomes stored for later retrieval; usually it is
a text file which is placed in the browser directory of your computer’s hard

The cookie cannot be read by any website other than the one that
set up the cookie.

Most web browsers will accept cookies by default, but they can be
set to reject cookies, either from all websites or from specific sites. You can
also manually delete cookies from your web browser. These options are generally
set through a “privacy” setting in your browser setup.

You can learn more about cookies by visiting
which contains comprehensive information on how to control cookies on a
wide variety of browsers.

How we use cookies on our blog sites

We use cookies to recognise users after they have registered to
use a website or paid for access to a website. On occasion, we permit third
parties to place and read cookies on our customers’ browsers, in order to
deliver information of relevance to the user. 

Cookies will enable our web-sites to recognize the information you
have consented to give and use it to present you with custom web pages. So, for
example, instead of seeing just a generic welcome page, you might see a welcome
page with your name on it. Some features on this site will not function if you
do not allow cookies.

set by CABI/

CABI uses a software
called Google Analytics to understand how visitors use our website. You can read more about Cookies & Google
Analytics on their site

__utma = this cookie keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the website, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred. Expires 2 years (with each new visit, the expiration date is refreshed).

__utmb & __utmc = The B and C cookies are brothers; working together to calculate how long a visit takes. __utmb takes a timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor enters a site, while  __utmc takes a timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor leaves a site. __utmb expires after 30 minutes. __utmc expires when the user exits the browser. 

__utmz = keeps track of where the visitor came from, what search engine you used, what link you clicked on, what keyword you used, and where they were in the world when you accessed a website. Expires after 6 months. 

set by Typepad

Typepad sets cookies to make a user’s online experience more
customized. Read more on Typepad’s privacy policy and Typepad cookies page. 

km_ai (expires after 5 years) / km_lv (expires after 5 years) / km_uq (expires after 5 years) / km_vs (expires after 30 minutes) / kvcd (expires when user exits browser)

Typepad uses cookies for a number of purposes, including to:

  • Securely identify content editors.
  • Keep track of editorial & browsing preferences while using Typepad’s Sites, Services and Software.
  • Estimate and report our total audience size and traffic.
  • Conduct research to improve Typepad’s Sites, Services and Software.

Google Analytics cookies are also set
for Typepad and to
understand how visitors use the blog website.

Previewshots is part of Snap which is one of the largest distributed media
networks on the Internet.
Read more on their privacy policy.

advertising cookies

Cookies used by Typepad for advertising. We recommend that you visit
the consumer advertising choice website to see which companies have set cookies
on your system so you can manage your preferences.

more on privacy policies for, and

__qca = enables the analytics service Quantcast to collect information about your activity with this site. The information includes your IP, your referrer, the search terms you used and your time of use of the site. Expires after 5 years.

mc = set by quantserve appears to be related to advertising, and may track your behaviour on our website. It records unique numbers that identify your browser and interaction history. Expires after 2 years.

UID & UIDR = are used by third party Market research provider Scorecard Research. These cookies identify you as a user; any information gained from you is used purely for analytical purposes in order in order to Internet trends and web behaviour. Expires after 2 years.

test_cookie = DoubleClick is a subsidiary of Google that develops and provides Internet ad serving services. Expires after 15 minutes. 

_drt_ =  doubleclick use this to track Safari browser users Safari web browser is configured to block third-party cookies by default. Expires after 1 minute.

user = Snap Technologies ( is a distributed media company that delivers contextual content and advertising via its semantic technology products: Snap Shots, Snap Shots Engage, Snap Shots Addon, LinkBubbles, and KeyLinks to 30+ million users per month, in 48 languages, worldwide. Ranked by ComScore among top 25 Ad Network and the #1 widget ad network. Expires after 2 years.

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