Janice Osborn

Senior Editor, Content Development (Socioeconomics, Human Science)

I’ve been producing content for CABI’s socioeconomics area since 1985. On leaving the party capital of the North, Newcastle upon Tyne, with a B.Sc. in agricultural economics, I joined CABI as an abstractor based in the far more sedate city of Oxford. I am now responsible for the development of the database in the agricultural economics, rural development, and leisure, recreation and tourism fields – 3 areas of research I love.

I am also involved with a great DFID project. Aiming to become a leading knowledge resource for communication of research in development, the Research for Development Project is a portal for DFID funded research. My role involves writing case studies and detailed records of current and past DFID research projects across a wide variety of topics (from health to transport) important to developing countries.

In response to database users’ demands, I am also working on CABI’s Full Text Select initiative – as the coordinator for acquiring access to the full text content in journals from around the globe, it is particularly rewarding when we get a ‘yes’ to inclusion in our repository – it is good to know that valuable, but sometimes hard-to-find documents can then be found alongside the main-stream literature. Researchers are now getting full text access to many more documents that are relevant to them, not just those that are readily available.

I love spending time with my two teenage children (no, honestly!), and passions include: modern art, design, live music, and last but not least supporting Queens Park Rangers football club (all messages of sympathy are welcome, except for ‘well someone has to’……).