DavidhDr David Hemming

Editor, CAB Reviews

I’ve been writing news about agricultural biotechnology since I joined CABI in 1988, following a genetics PhD at the University of Liverpool. It’s always been a fascinating area, at a scientific level and in terms of the responses to the technology. While working at CABI I took a Diploma in Science Communication at Birkbeck College to get a better handle on newswriting and more understanding how websites and other media can be used in science education. I’ve been able to put some of these ideas into action in the various international biotech information projects I’ve been involved in. In 1999, AgBiotechNet was CABI’s first internet resource, and it’s been evolving ever since.

I’m now commissioning for CAB Reviews, CABI’s new online reviews journal covering agriculture, veterinary science, nutrition and natural resources. It’s been very interesting to follow debates such as climate change as they develop and to work with such a helpful and lively Editorial Advisory Board, who have attracted great papers over a wide scope.