Death by CAP


How EU economists are ‘killing Europeans through CHD’

Surprisingly, it’s not the acronyms that are at the root of the World Health Organization’s damning accusation, it’s our old friends, saturated fats.

The common agricultural policy (CAP) was put in place by the powers that be in Europe, not just to confuse any non-economist who has tried to understand it, but, according to the World Health Organisation, it is ‘a system designed to kill Europeans through CHD’ (or, for the acronym-intolerant, coronary heart disease).

The Common Agricultural Policy was dreamed up in the days when Europe was emerging from war, rationing and widespread starvation. Many deficiency diseases that we no longer see today were rife. But agriculture had just caught the wave of plenty – industrialisation was leading to what was essentially a farming revolution. The future was bright. Applying subsidies to farmers to grow food and grow it in abundance and create a common market for all this produce was going to solve all of Europe’s problems, prevent another war and buffer the continent from the pressures of world free market capitalism. No-one said anything about heart disease.

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