Adapting to a warming world

Climate Adaptation Summit 2021
As countries around the world consider how to ‘build back better’ after the impacts of Covid-19, tackling climate change and shifting economies towards low-carbon pathways has played a prominent part in many policy discussions. But, to truly build back better, developing resilience to the impacts of climate change is also of paramount importance.
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Nature holds power to minimise impacts of climate change

After a further series of stark warnings about climate change from prominent scientists, and the experience of clear ‘runaway’ climate change impacts culminating in the Siberian heatwave this summer, the need to act on climate change has never been more urgent. Relying on technology The world faces the dual task of rapidly and radically reducing…
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Q&A with CABI’s climate change manager

CABI envisions a world in which smallholder farmers can confidently face the challenges of climate, delivering ecosystem services for a climate-resilient future. In support of SDG 13: Climate Action, CABI is focused on supporting the uptake of climate smart agriculture. As such, this year we welcomed a new member of staff, Jonny Casey, as CABI’s first Climate…
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CABI Confronting the Climate Crisis

Plant doctor in action
The impacts of climate change will not just be experienced by our grandchildren in decades to come. For the 800 million of smallholder farmers across Africa, Asia and Latin America, the hazards being driven by climate change are already threatening their lives, incomes, and yields. CABI is working across its centres and with its partners…
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